Pricing and FAQ

I’d love to work with you, but how much does it cost?
I’m glad you asked! We’ll start with a $75 one-hour consultation to discuss the kind of space you want to create. From there, the design fee varies based on your needs, and if you choose to go with Cicada for the landscaping, that amount is rolled into the final cost. A total project cost is hard to estimate, as it’s all dependent on the size of your space, the intricacy of the design, the cost of plants, and the total hours of labor. A 50% deposit is required to begin work. Please call or email me and I’d be happy to discuss your project in more detail!

Where do you get your plants?
I work with local nurseries and collaborate with clients to make sure the plants we use are beneficial to the local environment. When possible, I work with Landscape Plugs™ for the following reasons:

  • Plants usually reach flowering size in first season and have a high transplant success rate.

  • Quicker and more reliable than seed, with erosion control starting in weeks rather than months.

  • LP50 plugs have deep (5") roots that establish quickly.

  • Compact size is easy to transport - a real cost saver.

  • Plants are chosen for wide adaptability and ease of transplanting and establishment.

  • Excellent choices for wildlife habitat development, providing food & shelter for many species.

  • Plugs come in flats made of 100% recycled plastic and are #6 recyclable.

Thanks to NorthCreek Nursery for the information above.

What’s the turnaround time?
This also depends on the complexity of a project and the sourcing of plants. Once we’ve done a short consultation, I’ll be able to let you know if it’s an afternoon’s work or a multi-day project.

Do you do flowers for weddings?
Nope, but I do highly recommend Clear Black Flowers in Durham and Wylde in Raleigh for all of your flower needs. I also encourage you to check out Piedmont Wholesale Flowers, a local wholesale flower market that is open to the public!